A Dana Trampoline is one of the best play investments you can make! In a variety of shapes and sizes, Dana Playground trampolines provide quality and value for adults and kids of all ages. A trampoline is fun and great exercise and is never outgrown. We manufacture each of the components on our trampolines – the best constructed trampolines available.

If you are looking at trampolines online, then you know how great they are for kids and adults alike! What you may not know is there’s a big BIG difference between one maker and the next… We want you to make an educated choice so take a few minutes and check out each of the ‘details’ below — you’ll learn what to look for in a trampoline.

A Better Frame:

Our frame is heavy duty and built from 13 gauge galvanized steel – strong, resists rusting and built to last years! It also comes with a Limited 15 year warranty.

A Better Spring:

Most trampoline retailers use the same spring: it’s an 8.5″ long, 1″ thick, coil-out-the-side spring. It’s not a bad spring, but it’s not the best spring.. like we use at Dana Playground! Our spring does a better job of distributing energy into the middle of the spring, which puts less stress on the hook and gives a better bounce!

8.5 length (some use much shorter springs or ‘bungee’ material)

  • Higher coil count (more coils = broader range of energy)
  • Thicker spring (standard is up to 1″, ours is 1 1/8″.. much stronger)
  • Hook from center (much less likely to bend or break the hook)
  • More of them: 104 on our 14 ft. units! (others use 80 – 96 springs)

A Better Pad:

The Pad goes around the perimeter of your trampoline, covering the springs as a safety measure. Dana Playground manufactures the finest pads you can find using quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure years of use and good looks!

Discount/warehouse store trampolines usually come with a light-weight plastic material pad and often have foam rubber inside. Usually these discount pads have little density and can NOT bear weight when stood on.. possibly letting a foot or leg punch through the springs.

Foam rubber breaks down quickly in heat and the thin material ‘sun rots’ quickly. We typically hear these pads last a few months then have to be thrown away because they are falling apart – dangerously exposing the springs.

Dana pads are constructed from high-grade vinyl with UV resistant thread. Only high-density foam is used inside, which will last much longer than foam rubber and offers more support over the springs. Stitching is all interior, offering a longer seam life.

Straps and buckles secure pads to your frame for the best fit.

A Better Mat:

Dana simply makes a better mat and leads the industry in quality and value. Our trampoline mats are sewn with heavy-duty UV-resistant thread and use galvanized triangular v-rings for long life. However – the sun’s UV rays are your trampoline’s worst enemy and even UV-resistant thread eventually breaks down. Other makers don’t address this problem and count on the pad to cover up the mat’s stitching.. either way, UV breaks down the stitching.

How do we solve this problem? To increase the life and safety of your trampoline mat we sew a 2″ wide nylon belt (like seat-belt material) around the perimeter of our 6-year stitching warranty mats, which adds four more rows of stitches, strengthens the mats edge and covers the base stitching from the sun’s rays! It costs us more to do this, but we think its an important safety issue.

Our eight-year stitching warranty mat has an additional 2″ nylon belt sewn on the reverse side protecting the stitching which, (with a total of 12 stitches) makes this a ‘flippable’ mat; every year or so simply turn the mat over! You’ll get a much longer life.